Girls pink squeaky shoes - boutique style - toddler shoes

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These are a pair of pink squeaky shoes.

These adorable squeaky shoes make a squeaky noise when walking.
Not only is the shoe functional and fun for children, but parents love the safety feature of knowing where their child is at all time.

Squeaky shoes can be disabled by an adult simply by pulling out the "squeaker" located in the heel of the shoe out with fingernails.

The "squeaker" can be re-inserted into the hole when you want to hear the squeak noise again.

Great motivation for the slow-to-walk child, per-walker and beginner walker. There is audible feedback after every step.
High quality ,Very comfortable and stylish.

Comes in various sizes. Please select size when checking out. Squeaky shoes run a size bigger than normal. (Example: if your child wears a size 4 buy a size 3.)

Squeaky shoe sizes
size 1: 4.50 inches
size 2: 4.75 inches
size 3: 5 inches
size 4: 5.25 inches
size 5: 5.50 inches
size 6: 5.75 inches
size 7: 6 inches

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